Backup your data NOW!!

I was never one to fear losing important information off of my computer- after all, I have a mac! They are indestructible! Or so I thought…..
Thursday night after a computer freeze I was horrified to find that I couldn’t boot up my Mac at all…. hubby said it could be a potential hard drive problem, and I thought of all the info I could lose- ALL my digital pics from 2007-present, all my digital videos, countless teacher files, mp3s….. I never fully realized how much I depend on my computer to store everything! Fortunately my sweetie pie hubs sat down to fix it- installed a Linux CD, we had a short power outage and miraculously the computer rebooted just like normal! PHEW!!!
After that scary moment we have spent the last 2 days backing everything up on a terabyte hard drive- so if something happens again, I can know that all these pics of my darling baby girl are safe and sound.
GO BACK UP YOUR INFO!! You never know when this could happen to you…..

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7 thoughts on “Backup your data NOW!!

  1. Jackie

    I learned this lesson the hard way when I lost 3 months of files and pictures off my computer. I was in the habit of backing things up fairly regularly, but hadn’t due to morning sickness and being busy. Now I have an external hard drive that I back up to every month. Speaking of which it is a new month so I better get to it. Thanks for the reminder. Glad you didn’t lose everything.

  2. MaryAnne

    We lost everything in a hard drive crash a few years ago; it’s a horrible feeling. Now we use Carbonite – a program that backs everything up automatically on a remote server. It works really well.

  3. Anonymous

    My aunt recently had her computer crash. All of her files… all of them… she lost… or so she thought. She took her computer to Staples and the computer guy there was able to retrieve all of her files for her. Her computer is still dead but at least she was able to get her files back. I still agree with backing up everything every so often! I just wanted to share this info for those who have had computers that crash and burn… there may still be hope. 🙂

  4. Eva

    I saved files off my computer onto my external hard drive and my external drive died on me so I lost all those pics and files!! Now I always back up my files on CDs


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