Picnic Talk- Writing (Some Ideas for Second Graders)

Today the ABC picnic talk is all about WRITING. I have not started writing with my little one yet- but I have some cool resources from my second grade years that might benefit some of you out there!
The first set of ideas goes along with a program called “Step Up to Writing“. This is a step by step approach to teaching children to write in an organized manner- teaching topic sentences, supporting the main idea, and restating the topic sentence at the end of the paragraph. It helps student to stay on track with their writing thoughts.
Here is some ideas that I used with this program:

  1. This is a great online outine to help with the Step Up to Writing Process… simply fill in the blanks with information, then print. You can also reset the form if you change your mind!
  2. This is one of the GREATEST websites I have seen on Step Up to Writing… I love the graphics, the explanations, and at the bottom of the page you can click on a pencil for a step up prompt. AMAZING!!!!
  3. i knowmany things about.pdf
  4. i know many things about st version.pdf

I also liked to teach the creative writing process. This includes prewriting/drafting, revising, editing,and publishing both original and assigned writing pieces. The concept of authorship is valued in second grade. Each child is believed to be an author/writer with a story to tell.One of the things I would do with my second graders is teach the editing marks (we called them writer’s secrets-
Lastly, here is a link to some writing websites that I used with my second grade students- its been a couple years since I used them- so if the links are broken I’m sorry! There are 12 online student activities that range from capitalization to periods! And some grammar inbetween!
Happy Teaching! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Picnic Talk- Writing (Some Ideas for Second Graders)

  1. Katie, Kevin and kids

    This will be a great resource for many I’m sure! Brings me right back to my days in the 2nd grade classroom. This time of year I miss it most, as I think about everyone gearing up for another group and another year!

  2. Cindy

    We are just starting to learn our letters and I try to give my 3 yr old as many opportunities for writing as I can.

    I love your site and am often inspired by your creations and ideas. I have awarded you Kreativ Blogger on my site for being one of my favorite reads. Check it out at http://www.5sillyfrogs.blogspot.com/

  3. Our Little Family

    Thanks for posting this!! When I taught, we used the Write from the Beginning program, but I’d always heard so much about Step Up to Writing. I really appreciate you sharing these; I currently tutor language arts to students in the afternoons and will TOTALLY be using what you linked. Thank you!!

  4. Ticia

    Those are great links. I loved teaching second grade when I taught it too.
    I’m eagerly looking forward to teaching my kids about writing. I’m bookmarking these sites to use in a few years.

  5. Elise

    I have recently discovered your blog and what a gem it is. It is jam packed with so many helpful, fun and creative ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your ideas and all of your hard work.

  6. Michelle

    My oldest used Step up to Writing in public school before we began homeschooling – it was just being implemented district wide. Great post! *Ü*

    I see alphabet fun in your labels – off to check them out!


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