Movement Cards

Movement Cards Print a set of cards and you have an instant variety of fun activities! There are some sets to download (see the do it yourself section at the end of this post). You can play these cards in a variety of ways- from just drawing one card at a time and doing the activity, to having a race to see how many cards you can complete in a given amount of time, to setting the cards in a circle and doing the activities as you walk around…. there are many more!

Supplies Needed-– a set of cards (see below to download)

Downloads: There are 3 different sets of movement cards. One is a very simple set I made for my daughter when she was about 1. The second set came about when I read this great blog post on the ABC’s of movement- we worked together and came up with a set of movement cards. Anyway you choose to go, these movement cards will keep your tots busy!
Set One
Set Two

Happy Teaching!

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21 thoughts on “Movement Cards

  1. teachmama

    I just found you and want to hug you! I love this site, and I cannot–absolutely cannot–wait to use these cards! They are exactly what I was just going to sit down and create! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Misty

    I just found you through another site and this is EXACTLY what I needed and was looking for! Thank you so much. I’m adding you to my favorites list!

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  4. Amy

    I would live to get these but the link states its expired any way I can still get them for my extremely busy son pretty llz


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