Meet Me At the Corner Review

I was recently asked to review a new website called Meet Me At the Corner which posts a series of virtual field trips through a child’s perspective. Each episode includes a child host as the tour guide, a suggested reading list, and a Learning Corner of some follow up activities geared to kiddos ages 8 to 12.

As I watched several of the videos I was really impressed with the quality. The kid anchors really know their parts well and ask some great, intriguing questions to people they interview along the way. They have some amazing field trip videos that are ready to be watched with the option of uploading your own virtual field trips!

The latest episode is entitled An American Cowboy: Interview with Bob Norris, at T Cross Ranch in Pueblo, Colorado. Allison, a student anchor, interviews Cowboy Norris about quarter horses, ranch life and what it’s like to be a cowboy. There are links on this page below the video to The National Cowboy, Western Heritage Museum, The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, How to Make Cowboy Jerky, and How to Draw a Horse. Fun stuff!

Although this is geared for upper elementary kids, I know that any age group could benefit from watching these clips. My almost 2 year old LOVES airplanes so this episode entitled Airplane Builder would be perfect for her! Never underestimate the learning potential of your little one!

As a former second grade teacher, I KNOW my kids would love to watch these. Whether you are learning about anything from bird watching to trout fishing consider adding one of these Meet Me at the Corner clips into your curriculum.

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