Kinda Decluttered, Sorta Organized, and Now It’s time for a Schedule!

I have spent a huge amount of time cleaning. I have really tried to stick to my original goals of decluttering and organizing the past two weeks… and, well, for the most part have done OK. We took a huge load to the Salvation Army Saturday with clothes, old toys, and a lot of VHS tapes. It felt great to get rid of so much stuff! Although in my opinion we need to get rid of more! (I love that hotel feeling- really simple and clean with NO knick-knacks. I like that “Does anyone really live here” look. Not that our house actually looks like that- in fact, it looks quite the opposite! Just look at the dishwasher box-house in our living room!
I have also organized a few things- I organized our bedroom closets, my computer desktop, put some labels on my rubbermaid drawers, and straightened up our DVD collection. I also put all my little Boo’s movies in one central location that she can access (not that she watches them a lot- I am just trying to give her more independence and choices in her cute little daily life). I need to organize my starred items in my google reader- SO many cute ideas that I don’t want to forget!
And now it on to the organization of our daily schedule. I am deciding if I want to use a daily docket– it just seems like a lot of printing….maybe I should pull out my franklin planner… ANY IDEAS????
I am creating a list of things that MUST be included on our daily schedule- brush teeth, nutritious meals/snacks, important things to do for the day, Mommys helper time, errands time, tot school time, free time, more of a morning routine (like nighttime) and more set times to be out of the house (otherwise we just seem to stay inside a lot)…….. AUGH i am SO SO SO making this harder than it needs to be! I think if I can just get down a morning routine I will be feeling great….

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10 thoughts on “Kinda Decluttered, Sorta Organized, and Now It’s time for a Schedule!

  1. mom2three

    I am cracking up at this post! You sound a lot like me! I also remember rearranging your bedroom furniture and organizing your bedrooms in the avenues home, we used to make schools out of our rooms, remember?

  2. NorcalMommy

    You can try LifeBalance. It’s a terrific program that really helps you stay focused on the things that are most important to you. It’s so easy too!! Basically, you create different categories of your life (I have 8 main categories with a lot of subs – two of my main (with sub) categories are: KEEPING LIFE ORGANIZED >> Finances; meal planning; car maintenance; Keep House neat and clean. TOT SCHOOL >> Monthly Planning; Weekly preparation) Under each of these sub categories are the “to-dos” that need to be done. You assign a timeframe (daily/weekly etc) and the most important – how essential it is to the main category or your life as a whole. THEN Life Balance literally creates your to-do list based on your priorities and the timing of the activities. I really, really love it. If I made it sound like a lot of work…it isn’t. There is initial set up with makes you really think about what’s most important to you, but then LB does the rest – seriously!


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