Day at the Discovery Museum

Saturday was the kick off day for “Ready, Set, School” at the Discovery Museum in Salt Lake. Ready, Set, School is designed to empower parents to prepare their kids for kindergarten through activities and other resources. Although my daughter isn’t close to kindergarten age (she will be 2 in 2 months), she does know (and I mean KNOW) her ABC’s. So I thought that there would be some fun activities that she would enjoy. I was right!They had a large room set up with a variety of tables with different kindergarten preparedness activities (can be found online here). I had some of those proud Mommy moments as she impressed all the volunteers with her knowledge and vocabulary. I picked up some great ideas, talked with some impressive vendors, and got my “I miss teaching school” fix for awhile. We also got to pet a baby kangaroo- SO cute and tame. I just keep thinking of all the experiences my daughter has had this summer that have been adding to her budding schema!And did I mention that the museum had discounted prices as well! 3 people got in for the price of one. I love getting good deals like that!!And of course we got to play at the museum! Children’s museums are interesting places- where else would you pay to go fake food shopping and find tables and tables of different kinds of magnetic blocks…. I have decided it’s a good place to see what toys your child likes before actually buying them! I got some good gift ideas for her birthday while we played!!
Happy Teaching! Are there any fun places you like to visit with your tot? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Day at the Discovery Museum

  1. apgacruz

    Hello Keri! I am new to blogging so this is my first time leaving a comment but I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I love it. My family just went to visit a museum like this and we saw some Magna-tiles there, she played with them a little bit, mostly just stacking them. I thought I could buy them to teach her shapes. When I searched for them on Amazon they were really expensive. Your little boo seems like such a smart one, good luck.

  2. Raising a Happy Child

    I was always wondering how old Boo was 🙂 She is a full year younger than Anna, and let me tell you – it’s going to be a fantastic year for all of you. I love going on field trips – she understands so much now and really tries to digest everything she sees. Our latest was to Brooklyn Aquarium.


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