Alphabet Picnic

We ended our month of ABC learning by having a small little picnic Saturday. It wasn’t much (I of course dreamed of grander things- ABC jello cut outs, alphabet letters hanging from the trees before we got to the park, cute little ABC invitations to our daughter’s playmates, alphabet music playing in the background… DREAM ON!! none of that stuff happened!!!)

Instead, we ate a big bowl of Alpha-bits cereal. My little Boo would happily point out the occasional letter she’d recognize in her bowl. After playing at the park a bit, we played with foam letters (collecting them in a basket while telling Momma what letter it was) and read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Cute story- a little confusing to my daughter though who wasn’t very familiar with the lowercase alphabet.

It was a happy little picnic to culminate a very busy month of ABC learning!

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6 thoughts on “Alphabet Picnic

  1. Keri

    my husband is in charge of planning our anniversary- he says i don’t let him plan things enough… funny thats so true! anyway, i know we are going to spend the night in the same hotel after we got married 10 years ago and go to the Salt Lake temple where we got married… in essence, my husband’s plan is to recreate our wedding! 🙂
    too cute eh!
    AND in response to blog background- i bought a five dollar template from sweet shoppe designs website and did a little tweeking to meet my needs- i am glad you like it! i love the orange swirlies!

  2. Teaching My Little BookWorm

    very cute! that is great that she pointed out the ones she knew!

    I actually did lower case when she was 2 and now we are doing upper for age 3 then age 4 will be a review of both and word building!

    I read lower case is easier since 90% of our alphabet is made up of lower case!


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