ABC’s of Church

I just wanted to write a quick post on a coloring book I have been working on for my daughter- It will go in her ABC quiet kit, and since this kit is for church- I thought it fitting to make her the ABC’s of church- ranging from A is for Amen, B is for Bishop to Y is for Yummy treats and Z is for Zipper (zip up those wiggles!)

Here is a PDF that you can download and enjoy! Just click on the A is for Amen coloring page below to download the entire A-Z alphabet book!!

Happy Teaching!!

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9 thoughts on “ABC’s of Church

  1. Our Little Family

    Ohhhhhh, I LOVE this!! Incorporating more religion-based activities for Maddie is something I’ve REALLY been wanting to do, and since she loves to color (with markers), I know she’d love this!

    You’re SO creative!!


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