Picnic Talk- Summer Vacation Ideas

Isn’t summer time wonderful? It’s all about splashing in the water, soaking up the sun, and just being in the great outdoors! It’s definitely a nice break from the cold winter.
I have to admit that going on a vacation for our little family can be quite the chore. We have two big dogs (they were our babies before we adopted our daughter) that need to be cared for- one of them has anxiety issues about us leaving and has hurt himself trying to escape from a kennel. Then there is the question of where to go, and how long to be away, and how many outfits do we really need for little Boo, and asking somebody to play the organ on Sunday (my husband is the ward organist)… sometimes staying at home is much easier! 🙂

We are currently planning a vacation to Canada… its our 10th wedding anniversary this year (wow we are old!) Canada has a special place in our hearts ‘cuz that is where we met. And we spend our anniversaries learning about different cultures- and so having a Canadian anniversary on location just seems to be perfect!

I found this great link YOU MUST check out if you plan on having more of a “stay-cation” at
Everday Celebrating. This post has great ideas to start your summer right! I love the idea she has for passports- so cute! Definitely something to bookmark and use for your kiddos!

It’s off to write a talk about our adoption experience- I was asked to speak on a panel of adoptive mothers…. wish me luck!!

Happy Teaching!

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11 thoughts on “Picnic Talk- Summer Vacation Ideas

  1. Diana

    What a fun link! Thank you for sharing that idea. Good luck with the talk preparation, that is always an intimidating experience for me.

  2. MaryAnne

    That link you posted looks like such a fun idea – thanks for sharing!

    Good luck with your talk, and I hope you enjoy your Canadian 10-year anniversary trip!


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