Picnic Talk- Jump, Skip & Hop

Today at ABC and 123 we are discussing outdoor games and physical activities that we love to do together as a family. I will be honest and upfront and say that neither my dear husband or myself are athletic. But we have been blessed with a very active, strong, sporty little girl! I know that one day soon she will be teaching us about athleticism just as I am teaching her the alphabet. Fair trade!
We do love to be together though. We spend many hours a week at parks, outside exploring, jumping on the mini tramp, and running around the kitchen table! My almost 2 year old daughter will pull at my finger wanting me to chase her around and around and around…. I think we have a future track star in the making!
We also love to hike together. We are fortunate to live by some amazing mountains that offer such a beautiful view of the valley atop the peaks. Definitely worth the climb!
I tried doing yoga with my Boo when she was about 9 months… not really interested. I am going to give it another go for our letter Y day…. she may be more up to it this time! 🙂
Reading the title of this week’s picnic talk is getting me all excited to teach my daughter HOW to skip and hop (she has mastered the jump). I am going to look into finding a copy of “Skip to my Lou” and “the Bunny Hop” since she loves to perform to music (there is a great marching song I play for her on the piano that she LOVES)
Happy Teaching!!! 🙂 Let the love of learning inspire the teacher in us all!

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5 thoughts on “Picnic Talk- Jump, Skip & Hop

  1. Orange Juice

    We use a mini tramp too soooo fun!
    We are not athletic or outdoorsy but Z is so I will be getting him into sports when he turns 3 this Dec.

    You’re great out getting out though, you are always doing something awesome

  2. Raising a Happy Child

    I think every child is athletic by nature. The question is – how do couch potatoes come to be? I hope that you will continue to keep your daughter active throughout the years, and she will do the same to you 🙂

  3. Diana

    I am not athletic either. I admire your effort in getting out and trying to encourage that in your daughter. We are trying to get out more, too, but not until it gets below 110 degrees…

  4. Cindy

    My kids love our tramp outside and because our summers are so short here in MN I have seriously thought about getting a mini tramp. Great blog.

  5. MaryAnne

    My daughter loves to do yoga. She doesn’t necessarily do the “right” poses, but she really enjoys having a yoga mat and making up poses of her own.


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