Letter Day Preview- Pp

Friday was our letter P day! We had SO much fun! 3 different parks, 2 yummy picnics, and 1 banana flavored Popsicle!

Here is our day in photos (minus the lunch picnic, and popcorn and pretzel snacks!):

part pineapple/ham, part pepperoni

YES we visited three parks! My daughter was in heaven!!!

Funny side note: a police car was following us after visiting the splash park- I thought we were going to get pulled over- luckily we didn’t!

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3 thoughts on “Letter Day Preview- Pp

  1. Orange Juice

    Does she understand the concept ? DO you think she is learning her letters? I wonder because S hardly gets it with me I’m just hoping someday it’ll click… I lov eyour approach!

  2. Eva

    Oh no way! I totally wanted to go to the park, and have a pizza picnic but it just didn’t happen! this looks like lots of fun, I can see why your daughter enjoyed it!


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