Letter Day Preview- Ff

Wow- our first week of learning about letters is coming to an end. We had a fabulous time learning about the letter F! I can best sum up our day in five parts:

  1. freewaywe spent a total of about six FUN hours today on the freeway. OK, not so fun- more like LONG and UNEVENTFUL. Luckily my little one slept 95% of the time! And I was surprised how many F words are on billboards- from “Free” to “Foreclosure”- the letter F is in many places!
  2. family– the reason for all that travel- to see my sister and her husband who I haven’t seen for about a year (they live out of state). Spending holidays with family is so important!
  3. frolicking farm animals– we had a fabulous time playing with farm animals today- we saw a cows, several horses (which Mommy rode- so fun!!), a pony (which my little one rode), a goat, three dogs, and four baby quail. My Boo is an animal lover and enjoyed being with the animals!
  4. food– all our play time left us FAMISHED so we feasted on F things! From french bread to fajitas and fries to fruit- the letter F can be so yummy!
  5. fireworks– what is the fourth of July without fireworks??? We attended a local show at a park- they always do a spectacular job. What I wasn’t anticipating was how FRIGHTENED my little Boo would be of the fireworks! She clung on to someone for dear life the entire time (grandpa first, then daddy, then grandma, then mommy, then grandma, then mommy again). I have to admit that I enjoyed how tightly she held onto me- it always feels so good to snuggle with my baby!!

So that was our F-themed Fourth of July. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating this holiday with your family and friends and those you love!!! We get a letter break tomorrow and then start again Monday with the letter G!!

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