June’s Mommy and Me Made Book- COLORS

So July is already in full swing… it’s not too late to post our June’s Book project though!! We are transitioning from just Mommy Made to Mommy & Me Made Books. My little one is now able to participate more and more in the book making process. As we learned about a new color, we painted and did a collage in a blank hard bound book. She painted, colored, and glued the pictures all by herself! This book took several weeks to create- starting with our color days back in April. This book is finished- all ready to go with a colorful title!

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6 thoughts on “June’s Mommy and Me Made Book- COLORS

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Keri

    go to barebooks. com- i did mention it in one of my earlier mommy made baby book posts- they are a FAB resource! and pretty inexpensive, too!

  3. learningparade

    This book is just gorgeous, I love it! Now I’m off work on maternity leave (I’m a full time teacher) I can’t wait to make things like this with my four year old. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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