A Color Movie

It has been awhile since we celebrated our color days. I made my daughter a little video of what we did each day to help enforce learning the colors. (since she loves to watch movies of herself I thought -why not make them semi-educational???) Here is OUR YELLOW DAY for you to enjoy!!!

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9 thoughts on “A Color Movie

  1. mom2three

    Love it! She is so adorable and the video is wonderful. In the next few weeks I will begin doing schooling things with Jaden, all of this will come in very handy!
    Keri you are so awesome!

  2. MaryAnne

    This video is fantastic! My kids loved watching it. What a wonderful yellow video – even her clothing is yellow and you do so many fun activities with the color yellow!

  3. Orange Juice

    WAAAAAAAAAAY awesome! I love that!
    You asked how I do it? I can tell you in a short answer…I don’t do totally awesome stuff like that. That’s how. LOL
    You are so creative I just LOVE it! And I’ve missed reading your stuff! Don’t let it overwhelm you. Don’t try to back track. Just move forward to where you are now.

  4. Bookworm

    This is soooo creative! Wow! What a NEAT idea!

    Yoru little girl is darling. I love her expressions when she is painting and then also when she is looking at the yellow “bird” I believe it was.

    Very nice!


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