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I have been working a bit on our WIKI (online collaborate websites). This has been a great space for me to upload my pdfs as well as create learning pages for my toddler. The latest and greatest new page on our WIKI is called Tot Sites. This was inspired by wanting ALL the sites my toddler visits in one easy to use location (not having to mess with bookmarks, remembering URLs, the ability to link images for sight recognition (she can’t read YET!!), as well as the ability to easily update/delete sites. And the marvelous thing about this WIKI- you can go in and delete everything and with the click of a button I can put it all right back on the page. So there is no possible way that it could be ruined. And bonus for the WIKI- if YOU (yes, I am talking to YOU) had a wonderful site you wanted to add, you could! Very easily- I am about to take you through some pretty simple steps!

  1. go to the WIKI and click on TOT SITES
  2. click on EDIT THIS PAGE
  3. upload your image by clicking on the picture icon OR type the title of the site (Sesame Street, Starfall, etc.)
  4. add your link by copying and pasting the URL (web address) using the chain link icon
  5. SAVE your changes!

Feel free to use this site as a resource for your toddler! And I have to give some props to Totally Tots for their great site ideas. The web has so many toddler websites- it makes sense to put ’em all in one location!

Happy Teaching and welcome to the wonderful world of WIKIs!

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