We are winding down on our color days. I will be honest- I am ready for a curriculum change! So these last poor colors are just not getting the prep that yellow, red, and blue received! We may not have done much, but I will post several ideas we haven’t tried.

Here are some ideas for celebrating this day with your tot:

Wear White! My husband and I and little Boo are planning on participating in these color days by wearing the colors! (I wore blue today…OOPS 🙂 )

Work on color book- gluing pictures of white things into pages of a blank book. I printed 10 pictures of white things like a microwave, polar bear, duck, etc. I am going to have my little one help me glue/place these items on 2 pages of a 20 page book. I had my daughter paint before we glued down the collage. I wasn’t going to since the pages are already white- but painting is a good fine motor activity that she enjoys.

Snack- marshmallows, milk, white bread, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate, coconut

Worksheets- check out enchanted learning for some cute worksheets on the color white

Other White ideas- check out this site for some cute books, crafts, object hunt, and other ideas (this is a must-see site if you plan on teaching colors- there is a page for each color with several wonderful ideas)

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