Learning About….CIRCLES

I am SO excited to teach my brainy little Boo about shapes this month! I have compiled a huge list of resources here that you can download (click on the round sun):
In addition to this fabulous list generated from hours of Google searching, I will be using my Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos to supplement my lesson plans. This is a wonderful book with lots of ideas from a variety of learning styles. Some suggestions from this book include:


  • I See Circles by Mike Artell
  • So Many Circles, So Many Squares by Tana Hoban
  • What is Round? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Language Enrichment:

  • show how a round object can roll
  • use the word circle in a sentence
  • flannel board story about a round cookie (included in the book)
  • teach the child the ASL sign for the word circle

Physical Development:

  • play ring around the rosies

Cognitive Development:

  • cut sponges into circles and make sponge prints on a piece of paper. Ask the child if the circular designs look like anything.
  • have children put scrunchies and an empty paper towel tube while you discuss the circular shape of the scrunchies.
  • make a paper chain by gluing paper strips into circles
  • play with buttons and discuss their shape
  • cut out 4 different sizes of circles and have the child put them in order from largest to smallest

With so many fun activities centered just around CIRCLES, I am glad that I have planned a week on this shape. I will post throughout the upcoming week about some of our activities! And if my daughter picks it up day one- well, we will still have a lot of fun exploring with circles!

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