Yesterday was the yummy holiday in which we celebrate the delicious chocolate chip. And the teacher in me got to thinking… there is a lot of educational things that you could do to celebrate!

Learning with Chocolate Chips:

  1. count them
  2. buy the colored chocolate chips and sort them by color
  3. blind fold child and have them guess the flavor (peanut butter, white chocolate,etc.)
  4. make patterns with different kinds of chips
  5. read about the history of the chocolate chip
  6. bake with them- in pancakes, muffins, breads, and cookies of course!
  7. read story Chocolate Chip Ghost
  8. with adult supervision, show how chocolate chips turn from a solid to a liquid
  9. try and balance a chocolate chip on a spoon while walking/running (think of the egg in a spoon relays)
  10. for a life skill lesson, talk about how each chocolate chip in a cookie is like a talent/gift that your child has and how it all adds up to one special kiddo!
  11. pretend that a chocolate chip cookie is a rock and excavate the minerals (chocolate chips) using tools like a toothpick. (point out the minerals that are visible in rocks as a geology lesson as well)
  12. put them in empty plastic easter eggs and shake ’em while you dance! this is the activity we tried with our boo and she ended up opening the container and eating them! 🙂

So I know its a day late- Chocolate Chip day has past…. but use these ideas next year or turn a boring Saturday afternoon into your own Chocolate Chip day!

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4 thoughts on “Happy CHOCOLATE CHIP day!!!

  1. Keri

    i love crazy and weird holidays- what can i say?! just google holidays for may and you will find many! i just pick and choose my favorite holidays to celebrate. next saturday is “penny day”- so i am already thinking up some fun things to do with pennies! 🙂


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