GIMPing Up Your Blog

There are many ways to photo edit customized headers and images for your blog. Photo Shop, Photo Suite, Photo Explosion… heck even Paint will work! (although not my recommendation) But there is a fabulous and FREE software available!! It is known as the GIMP.

Why I Gimp:

  1. Gimp is available for Windows and Macs alike
  2. You can save your images as jpg, gif, png, and many more formats
  3. It has the capability to create animated gifs
  4. There are tons of online tutorials available
  5. Did I mention the Gimp is free?

I was recently asked by K over at Orange Juice about how I made my header links. And so I thought I would love to show all you techy moms out there a great feature of the Gimp!

  1. Upload your header image to a photo storage site (photobucket seems to be the most popular). Keep the tab open so we can grab your URL for the image later on.
  2. Download the Gimp! If you are a windows user, download here. If you are a mac user, download here. I will be honest and tell you that it has been awhile since I have downloaded it, I hope it is self explanatory enough! If you are having troubles with the download, google installing Gimp and several beneficial websites will come up.
  3. Once you have Gimp installed and ready to go, open it up. It should be pretty similar to the screenshots below (although Windows and Mac are a bit different, and there have been recent updates since my last download)
  4. Go ahead and open up the same header image file that you uploaded to photobucket. (you CAN use the gimp to create a header file, but for time’s sake let’s use one that is already created)
  5. On the top of the screen, go to FILTER, WEB, IMAGE MAP. This will bring up a new screen.
  6. Use the square, circle, or polygon tools to define where on the image that you want your link. (you are basically hyperlinking your image). Once you have a region selected, a pop up menu will ask what URL (or link) you want the selection to follow. I just copy and paste these URLs from my browser so I know there isn’t any spelling errors.
  7. Once you are finished defining your areas, double check on the right hand side that all your links are showing.You can delete unwanted links by selecting the link and clicking on the minus sign that is directly left of the selection list.
  8. Go to VIEW, SOURCE. You will see several lines of code. We will be copying this directly and pasting it in your blog as html. Of course, since this is the header, make sure your widget is located at the top of your site.
  9. One more step- we have to change the image location on what you just pasted…. instead of “banner3.jpg” (or whatever the name of your pic is), you need to add the URL for the image from photobucket (it will be something like this “”)
  10. Try it out! If it works, HOORAY for you! If not, well…. I am no expert. Search for more tutorials ‘cuz there are plenty out there. And the most important thing about GIMPing- and anything really- the best way to learn is to dive in with both eyes open. Good luck, and please let me know if you have more questions or if it worked for you!!!

Good Luck!! Happy GIMPing!

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11 thoughts on “GIMPing Up Your Blog

  1. Nicki Slaugh

    Hi Keri,
    I am glad you survived your swing accident, I checked this out since you mentioned it on facebook 🙂 Hey, check your schedule for the first of June and let me know when I can swing by to visit and pick your brain a bit! Much Love…ps my big meeting is on Friday yuchk!

  2. Paige

    Keri, Thanks for posting this…I hope to mess around with it tomorrow. I don’t have your great computer skills, so I might be calling you! I hope you’ve recovered from the accident! BTW your site is so cute! I love it 🙂
    Have a good night!

  3. mom2three

    oh fun I love trying out new photo editing or just about anything creative on the computer…can’t wait to try it out!
    I love the new colors on your blog!

  4. TOSHeidi

    Just had to say “thanks again”. I just re-did my blog template and designed a new header; so I came back, followed these instructions, and am still amazed that this works! Wow!


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