GIMPing Up Your Blog with Animated Signatures

For those that know me at all, I LOVE working with technology. And I love the Gimp- if you don’t know what that is check out my first post on Gimping Up Your Blog. I thought I would show you how to create your very own animated signature!

  1. Open up a new file in the GIMP by going to FILE, NEW, IMAGE. A Box will appear- select TRANSPARENCY and then click on OK.

  2. Using the paint brush tool, make the first line in your name. (I am breaking up the “K” into 3 sections)
  3. An animated gif is basically a format that plays through all the layers of your image file. So we are going to be creating a NEW LAYER for every single line! It’s not difficult…. Go to LAYER, NEW LAYER, a box will come up- make sure that TRANSPARENCY is again selected and click on OK.
  4. Then go ahead and make the next line in your name. Once you are done with that line, make sure you add a NEW LAYER.
  5. Once your image is created (don’t worry about saving yet) you might notice that you didn’t use all of the canvas in your signature. Thats OK- we can chop it down to the correct size by simply using the square tool to SELECT your entire signature and then go to IMAGE, CROP TO SELECTION.
  6. To view your animation, go to FILTERS, ANIMATION, PLAYBACK. A small screen will appear with a PLAY button- click on play to view your animated signature!
  7. Now we SAVE… this is a very important step because it will determine the outlook of your image. Click on FILE, SAVE AS, and then type in a name for your image FOLLOWED by .gif -it needs to be a GIF file!!! Then click on SAVE…An “Export File” screen will come come up- click on SAVE AS ANIMATION and then EXPORT. One more box will come up with some GIF options- here you will have the opportunity to select LOOP FOREVER- this means that your animation will play , well, forever! Unselecting this will just play your animation once. A downside to this is if your animation is at the end of a post, viewers might not see it (by the time they scroll down, it will be done playing.
    First example-LOOP FOREVER
    Second example- one time animation (you might need to refresh the page to view)
  8. In order for your file to PLAY if you are using BLOGGER- upload your file to your photobucket account and then adding your image using the DIRECT LINK (in the picture menu you’ll be adding an image from the web). Other blogging formats such as wordpress will play the animated GIF directly- just upload it and insert into your post!

I hope that you have fun with this latest installment of GIMPING up your Blog!!
Happy Teaching and may the Learning never end!!! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “GIMPing Up Your Blog with Animated Signatures

  1. mom2three

    how fun…hopefully today I can sit and get my gimp on!!! haha! I am really liking the 2 column blog I think Im going to go back too because the posting area is so small!!
    Thanks for the idea..I am so consumed with school and sick kiddoz lately that I haven’t had time to do anything fun on my blog!

  2. K, @ Heart NOW Orange Juice!

    Thanks for the info…I still have yet to check out the site. I’m so burned out from trying to get my page put together (and it’s not even done!) that I just can’t go there yet. 🙂 Eventually, I will and I will be armed with TONS of info thanks to you!
    PS where ya been?! What have you been doin with your LO and lastly how are you doing?

  3. Keri

    I really just love the GIMP! its a great site and i hope that my tutorials make sense!
    sad to say that most of my free time has been laying on my back (still in lots of pain- darn swing!) so me and my Boo have been super low key the past two weeks…. and i write my posts after she goes to bed at night and by the end of the day it just hurts to sit upright. I am such a WIMP!!!
    we were supposed to do squares and triangles the last two weeks- i postponed that to a later time. next week we start up again with more colors and i am excited about that! 🙂


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