Wednesday’s Website: Free Rice

I am writing my Wednesday post with about 3 hours left until Thursday! My daughter is recovering from her very first stomach flu and so my mind has been very much preoccupied in her health! I can watch the dr.’s give shots but there is something about seeing my child cry in pain and throw up that makes my heart ACHE.
Today’s website revolves around improving our vocabulary and helping end world hunger at the same time. To play- simply find the synonym to each of the words in bold text. For each correct answer, you will be donating 10 grains of rice to the UN Food Bank. It’s a win, win situation- you learn and others receive something that they desperately need- food. You can even add a button to your blog/website to promote ending world hunger!I might be stretching to make this site apply to toddler teaching, but here is what I have come up with:
Playing FreeRice will not only build your vocab, but you will be a wonderful role model of continual learning to your little one. We just don’t learn until college is over- it’s a never ending process! And as your vocabulary increases, the more word-rich your tot’s environment will be. You can also take time to talk about helping others in need.. although this concept might seem abstract at first (since it’s online), it is never too early to set a good example!

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