Wednesday’s Website: Early Learning Coloring Pages

I have been really focusing on the colors this week with my daughter. I found this site Early Learning and Coloring Pages that has some great ideas to teach your little one colors, such as this song:

Color Hop
(sung to the tune of Old McDonald)
I see something that is _____________. (color)
Do you see it too?
I see something that is _____________. (same color)
Hop there if you do.
With a hop, hop here,
And a hop, hop there. Hurry up! Hop it up!
Hop as fast as you dare.
I see something that is __________. (color)
Do you see it too?

I also LOVE this art activity with bubbles:

Bubbling Balloons
Pour 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid into a contaner (a low shallow dish works well). Add small amounts of water and tempera paint until the color is intense. Put a straw in the paint mixture and blow carefully until the bubbles start to overflow. Gently place the paper over the bubbles, then lift carefully. When dry, cut into desired shapes.

And this jello parfait, great for a review of the primary colors:

Jello Parfait
Make three colors of jello. After jello is set, layer into a clear plastic cup.

This site has SO much more than color ideas! Some of the links include:

Take the time to browse and see what will work for you. My experience with resources like this is to take the time to download the must-have lessons now- you never know when a webmaster decides to shut down their site.

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