Wednesday’s Website: Brite Music

We all know the power of music. It can bring you to tears, make you roll on the ground with laughter, even give you an extra energy boost.
Music also has the power to teach.

OK… so this is more of an incredible curriculum review.

With that out of the way, let me tell you a little bit about Brite Music. This company has been around since the 70s (and so some of you, like me, may be familiar with it already).
They are most known for their fabulous music. There are two music sets- one is called Watch Me Sing and the other is called I Have A Song For You. This is just clean, educational, fun tunes for kids.
Some songs you may be familiar with are:

  • I’m a VIP in my Family
  • Sharing, Caring
  • When I Grow Up, I want to be a Mommy (not sure if that is the correct title)
  • No One Else Can Walk my Walk

These songs teach positive characteristics, good morals, and more! I have countless memories listening and dancing to these songs as a child and I want my daughter to have similar experiences. They just have some really good, pure music available.


Brite Music also publishes the SAFETY KIDS…. a book/music program that teaches kids about saftey from strangers, personal saftey, drugs, and more. There is also a catchy song about learning your telephone number. I learned as a tot how to be safe with the aide of this great program. It is just plain fun!!!


STANDING TALL is a wonderful collection of stories about 12 character building attributes: love, service, self esteem, gratitude, obedience, dependability, courage, work, forgiveness, honesty, happiness, and cleanliness. I read this books growing up, too… I wish I still had them to pass to my daughter! From what I remember, they are wonderful books and we enjoyed following along with the tape.

I have recently learned about their SING, READ, WRITE program that teaches little ones to read and write with music. I don’t know anything about the effectiveness of this 5 volume set, but if it’s anything like their other products I am sure it is amazing.

What a trip down memory lane! I just wish I had extra $$$ to buy it all! Does anyone else have memories with Brite Music or other great curriculum suggestions? Please Share!!

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