Tuesday was Purple Day at our house! It was a busy day with lots of exploration time outside since the much needed arrival of warm weather.

Here is a summary of our day with the color purple.
Wear Purple! My husband and I are both planning on participating in these color days by wearing the colors!
Work on color book– gluing pictures of purple things into pages of a blank book. I just printed 10 pictures of purple things such as a purple binky, grapes, purple flowers, etc. I am going to have my little one help me glue/place these items on 2 pages of a 20 page book. I had my daughter do some purple painting before we glued down the collage.

Color Squares– I will introduce purple, green, and orange color squares (I have these already to use but I just forgot! We will use them this weekend as a color reminder matching game.)

Here are some ideas I would like to try with her:

  • make the color purple using blue and red (ice cubes, paint, water
  • go on a purple hunt around the house/neighborhood. bring along the digital camera to snap these blue objects and create a slideshow of your days findings or print the pictures in a book
  • learn the nursery rhyme- little jack horner and eat plums!
  • eat purple popsickle, grapes, and drink grape juice
  • read books about the color purple
  • make a necklace with purple beads
  • draw with purple sidewalk chalk
  • Use coffee filters, a little water and purple markers to make flowers

Check out these websites for more purple fun!
Preschool Express
Enchanted Learning
Step By Step

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1 thought on “Our PURPLE Day

  1. Amy @ Literacy Launchpad

    One former teacher I know used to put purple (or whatever color they were focusing on that particular day or week) water in their sensory table. I can’t remember what she put in the table for them to use with the water, but I’m thinking purple toys would be fun.

    Just another idea! 🙂


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