Our Green Day (also known as Earth Day)

So Wednesday was green day and it just happened to land on Earth day! It was a total coincidence! We had a great time celebrating- here is a list of our activities:
Wear Green! My husband and I are both planning on participating in these color days by wearing the colors!
Work on color book- gluing pictures of green things into pages of a blank book. I just printed 10 pictures of green things such as a tree, Oscar the Grouch, frog, beans, etc. I am going to have my little one help me glue/place these items on 2 pages of a 20 page book. I had my daughter color in her book with a green marker before we glued down the collage.

Color Squares- I will introduce purple, green, and orange color squares (I have these already to use but I just forgot! We will use them this weekend as a color reminder matching game.)

Here are some ideas I would like to try with her in the future:

  • green vegetable trays as snacks
  • there are so many cute Earth day crafts that I have seen online!
  • do some gardening
  • green play dough, green bath paints, green scavenger hunt, read books about the color green
  • make the color green using blue and yellow (ice cubes, paint, water)
  • make a necklace with green beads
  • draw with green sidewalk chalk
  • read our one of our current favorites- Green Eggs and Ham!

Check out these websites for more green fun!
Preschool Express
Enchanted Learning
Step By Step

Green Day also happened to land on playgroup day- check out these ADORABLE bird nest snacks made from Grandma! Aren’t they a perfect earth day snack?

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