Bunny Ears- Last Minute Easter Craft

I love celebrating the holidays with my little one! i love it all- making special meals, learning about traditions, singing festive songs, and doing cute crafts! Preschool Playbook posted about this adorable footprint easter bunny project and I knew this was the project!

As a school teacher I stayed away from paints as much as possible to avoid the mess but as a mommy I embrace ’em! I planned on making 4- one for us and one for each of her grandparents. We did the footprints first- with white paint. My daughter LOVED it and kept signing and saying “more”… I had no worries on her part! One thing that I think really helped was that I walked my daughter through what we were about to do before she had paint on her feet. Once I could see that she could stand on the paper I knew we were ready! I also used her thumbprint as the nose. I walked her through this step first without the paint, then I applied some black paint and let her see what would happen on scratch paper, and finally she put then on the pre-cut circles. I love the end result!!
Happy Easter!!

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5 thoughts on “Bunny Ears- Last Minute Easter Craft

  1. Shelley

    i just found your website yesterday and I love it! I used some of your “I Am a Child of God” ideas for church today and I just did this Easter craft with my 21 month old son. We’ll be giving it as gifts to our family today…thank you so much for the ideas!

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