April’s Mommy Made Book- I Am a Child of God

One of the most important lessons you can teach your child is of their divine nature and self worth. I want my daughter to know more than anything else that she is loved by her family here on earth and by her Heavenly Father.

So naturally the idea came to me to write a little book for her about just that! I used the words to the familiar primary song I Am a Child of God by Naomi Randall and inserted pictures of her that followed the text. It has turned out really cute and my daughter had me read a few times already today.

Here is a pdf to download of the text to Naomi Randall’s song- download and insert your own images or have children illustrate. Then print, staple, and voila! Or to make them a little sturdier- gather up old board books or buy some blank books from barebooks.com and print the story on sticker paper. Attach the paper to the pages of the book. Either way, the finished product is a mommy made book!

I have an upcoming post on the I am a Child of God quiet kit- I have been compiling a lot of great activities that I have found online (as well as some mommy-made ones). This will be a great resource to helping our little ones stay reverent at church and learn about Jesus!

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5 thoughts on “April’s Mommy Made Book- I Am a Child of God

  1. mom2three

    Guess what I finally did today??? Yep I finally ordered some blank board books! I am going to take your idea about making a book about my Mom..that one will be the first!

  2. KJ

    Wow, love it! I can’t wait to make this for my son! I wrote a post about your blog tonight! 🙂 Thanks for such a great idea.


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