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I thought I would mix things up today and post 20 great teaching tools that are found at Oriental Trading. I first learned about this company as a teacher and continue to receive their catalogs. There are TONS of great crafts for kids that you can buy in bulk, as well as party supplies, art tools, gym equipment- even party gear! I studied my latest catalog to come up with 20 teaching tools under $20 from Oriental Trading.

  1. Ribbon sticks– great for creative dancing and movement!
  2. Geometric Bean Bag Toss Game– fun game to help learn basic shapes
  3. Super Sturdy Parachute– great for teaching teamwork and cooperation! You can imagine the fun the little ones will have running underneath it!!
  4. Beginner’s Scissors– set of 12 scissors that boasts of being able to only cut paper- not hair!
  5. 6 Children’s Colorful Canvas Aprons– bright colored aprons
  6. Perfect for Paint! Palettes– holds up to 6 colors in muffin tin style trays
  7. 10 Jumbo Keep it Clean Cups– spill proof design to hold paint in cups
  8. Sticker Scenes and Giant Sticker Scenes– scenes with repositionable stickers. These take me back to the colorform days! The smaller ones would be great to stick into a quiet kit.
  9. Look It’s Me! Magnets or Keychains– you can design one for every member of your family and hang on the fridge or attach to your keys!
  10. I lb. of Great Big Buttons– these extra large buttons come in 8 colors and shapes.
  11. 72 Totally Terrific Tipped Yarn Laces– these would be great for stringing beads or for lacing cards.
  12. 6 Plastic Cool Craft Trays– I have seen these as Tot trays on Totally Tots and they are perfect for keeping activities neat and organized!
  13. Fabulous Foam Wall of Stars– there are 24 bright star shaped frames that could be used to portray family, friends, or your tot from 1 month to 24 months! Of course this would be perfect for a classroom, too!
  14. 260 Fabulous Foam Self-Adhesive Jumbo Letters– These big letters are perfect for little hands!
  15. 6 Super Durable Dressing Boards– teach your tot to snap, tie, button, buckle, zip, and lace with these durable dressing boards!
  16. Stack it High! Pegs and Peg Boards– foam boards and plastic pegs great for stacking!
  17. Wooden Magnetic Labyrinth– There is one of these at our local children’s museum that my daughter likes to play with! This is good for hand eye coordination activity!
  18. Jumbo 3-minute Timer– can be used for games as well as giving your child a visual aid for transitional times (ie. in 3 minutes we are going to clean up)
  19. Dilly Dot Markers– these dot markers are designed for small hands and come in either neon or bright colors.
  20. 6 Rainbow Clipboards– Can be used for different subjects, family members have a specific color for family night activities, or when going on color hunts. I am a big organizational tool fanatic and so this is something I would love!

There you have it! 20 teaching tools under $20 from Oriental Trading. There is SO much more- especially if you teach school (a lot of the supplies come in bulk).

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Website: Oriental Trading

  1. Amy @ Literacy Launchpad

    Great ideas! I receive Oriental Trading catalogs, and love the affordability!!

    I love that you sat down and came up with this list. That actually sounds like it was probably a pretty fun little assignment!

    BTW, I’m hosting a (mommy) giveaway at my blog. Thought you might be interested. It’s my first one, and I have five giveaways, so you have a good chance of winning! 🙂


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