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I am going to be featuring a website every Wednesday from other “home teachers” of young children that I find extremely beneficial. This week I dove into Allie’s website titled No Time For Flashcards. I spent a good hour reading about the educational crafts that she does with her son. There are crafts about the letters, colors, transportation, 5 senses and so much more!! These projects aren’t just coloring sheets either- each craft has different tools (some will already be in your home!) that are pictured so you can see EXACTLY what your child needs to complete the project. I love that she ties in good literature and music that tie everything together. Allie, you are AMAZING!! I was going to make a top 10 list of my favorite posts, but I ended up with 20 and I could have done more! These are ideas that I love so much that I plan to do them with my own daughter!!

20 AMAZING IDEAS from No Time For Flashcards

  1. bouquet of hearts (this is the one craft that I have done with Jacs and it was a big success!) Make cardstock hearts, color, and add green pipe cleaner or popsickle stick as a stem!
  2. an easy shape song when teaching your little one about shapes
  3. a collection of four different playdough recipes
  4. sensory fun with rice– A great activity for those little ones that love to scoop and an portable alternative to a sand box! Just pour rice into an old cake pan, add a small amount of glitter for sandbox “bling”, and the tools for scooping. For those young tots this would be a great activity outside!
  5. homemade balance beam-What a fun yet easy way to work on balance! Bring in a sanded down 2×4 and voila! Instant balance beam minus the long fall.
  6. texture collage– A fun way to talk about the sense of touch and different texture words. Collect items with various textures- feathers, different types of paper, sand paper, foil, etc. Then create away!
  7. one of my favorite ideas- a color hunt. Go exploring through the house with a paper bag collecting items from a pre-selected color! Great activity for those eager little minds and busy little hands! It is recommended that children under 2 have items preplaced low to the ground for your toddler’s accessibility. Depending on the age- assign multiple colors.
  8. color collage– Collect different items of a specific color. I would use a variety of mediums, too! It is suggested to add in shapes of that color as well.
  9. winter craft- snowman blocks. Very cute blocks using empty spice containers making a snowman! Especially designed for those tower builders out there!
  10. orange prints using paint/ orange halves. This idea was originally posted on teaching tiny tots, but I needed to write it down so I wouldn’t forget! (We have old oranges in our fridge)
  11. family photo quilt– great for thanksgiving time! Use photographs of family members, cardstock, and ribbon to create a wall hanging to show off our fabulous family!
  12. great Christmas craft- candy christmas trees. One upside down sugar cone, green frosting, and yummy candy can make quite the decorative tree!
  13. make “cloth” placemats for special occasions using paper towels, markers, and contact paper. What a wonderful way to get your toddler involved in decorating for the holidays!
  14. make your own crayons using broken crayon pieces and a muffin tin. I think this is a fabulous science lesson as well for the older kids!
  15. color squishers– this looks fun enough for me to do! The materials are easy for this activity- at least 2 colors of paint ( I wouldn’t do too many colors or you will end up an ugly brownish black) and a ziplock bag!
  16. toilet paper roll necklace– using an old toilet paper roll, color, cut up roll in smaller pieces, and string onto yarn. Good for lacing practice!
  17. magic wands– a fun way to make your own pointers! You’ll need paper, straws, tape, and glitter for this project. It is suggested to use a star cookie cutter, but you could also use different patterns to create special dinosaur, flower, sunshine, etc. wands
  18. bath proof painting– what I love from this post is the creativity in using different “tools” to paint! I never would of though to use a net bath sponge as an artist’s brush!
  19. all you teachers and alphabet fanatics out there will love this Chica Chica Boom Boom Coconut Tree craft. This is inspired from the book and is a great project to kick off learning those letters!
  20. OK, so I can’t fit the rest of my ideas on this list, so I am adding a whole category of ideas labeled 5 senses. Definately check out the sound search and the I spy activities. These are both projects that the most active of children can appreciate! The teacher in me LOVES that the toddler is making his own observations!
No Time For Flash Cards
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