Two Additions to the Animal Quiet Kit

I am having WAY too much fun creating and compiling materials for my quiet kits!! My daughter has loved the Animal Kit so much that we have to do some activity from it every day (mostly the flannel board activity– she is getting really good at animal sounds and recognizes all the animals I have made by name!) Another thing I love about the kit is that all the animal materials are organized in one location. It keeps everything neat and tidy- and with the expandable file folders there is always room for more!

The two latest additions:

memory game
Using the same clipart from her flannel board and lacing cards I whipped out some cards (2 of each animal) to play different games. The game we are working on is “Find the Match” where the cards are all face up and you find the two cards that match… easy as that! Eventually we can work up to playing Memory with the cards face down! But for now she loves it! I added a few new animals to this game and she gets a kick out of them- it’s amazing to me how their little minds just soak up learning!

big/small cards
When I mapped out Jackie’s curriculum for the month I knew I wanted to work on Big and Small. I thought a great transitional activity would be to make big and small animal cards… since I had already created animal cards it didn’t take me very long. I have kept this activity very simple- I will show my daughter the 2 dog cards and have her point out the big dog.

I am excited to work on the I Am A Child of God Quiet Kit… I am planning on having it ready as a special Easter gift for my special little girl!

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