March’s Mommy Made Book- An Adoption Story

Adoption is an incredible experience. When my husband and I found out that we were unable to have our own children, it was nothing less than devastating. There was a deep void in our lives that we didn’t have the ability to fill ourselves. When my husband and I found out that we had been chosen to adopt a baby girl, it was nothing less than absolutely perfect. I wanted my daughter to have a book of her own sweet adoption story and thus this book was created!

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6 thoughts on “March’s Mommy Made Book- An Adoption Story

  1. mNm

    I love this! I am also a fellow adoptive mother. I have been working on a book for my two kids….and my brain is hurting! Would you mind sharing with me how you created yours? And possibly some of the wording? I would really appreciate it! I love your blog by the way. Found it when I googled about a custom adoption book!

  2. Patti

    I love your books! I make books occasionally but they’re just flimsy things that don’t last long. How are you creating them? How are they bound? They look pretty sturdy, from the pictures you’ve put up. Thanks!

  3. Keri

    absolutely! the clipart is WONDERFUL- it is Amy Dott Harmer (can be found at and I believe that the font is a CK font. Two purchases I highly recommend!


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