Blue Orange Painting

My daughter had her first real “painting” experience recently. I LOVED the idea to paint with oranges and I was curious to see how my daughter would respond to the activity. We worked on a single color-scheme masterpiece since it was her first time…

Let’s just say by the end of art, she had tried eating the blue paint twice and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of stamping (finger painting with the blue stamped orange marks was way too temping for her! But she had fun- and so did I!!) I can’t wait to try this one again in a few months to see the difference in her art skills. Orange stamping looks great on tissue paper as well- great homemade wrapping paper idea. I have to admit that it was FUN for me to paint again- there is something about art that just soothes the soul.

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2 thoughts on “Blue Orange Painting

  1. mom2three

    She is so adorable. Amazing only 1 and already painting. I try coloring with Reece, he just wants to eat the crayons still. Potato painting is really fun too!!!!


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